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Nationwide Business Continuity Planning for Business Disruption.

What would happen if your business were to experience a major hurricane, fire, flood or other natural event?


Business Continuity refers to those activities performed daily - prior to a business interruption - in order to maintain service, consistency, and recoverability - and ensure critical business functions will be available so your business can continue in the event of a disruption.


 Business Continuity Planning Group provides Business Risk Assessment and Planning Nationwide with home offices in Florida.

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Tip to accomplish goals this year:


Get Specific – Layout your goals and specifically what you intend to accomplish. Don’t be too generic (“get more clients” instead “get 5 new clients a month”). Know exactly what you want to achieve and what actions you will need to take to reach your goal. List the actions. Check them off as you accomplish them. Document your progress.

BC Planning Group develops Business Continuity Planning for any size business. We specialize in planning in the event of a disaster what steps your company would need to address and follow to stay in business. Let 2015 be the year to put your plan in place. Contact us today for your Analysis!


The purpose of Business Continuity Planning is to develop procedures designed to enable your business to maintain “at least a minimum level of service” to assure there will be a business to recover, in the event of an unexpected interruption.


Disasters happen.

Is your business ready? Do you have a plan so that you won't have to close your doors? IMPORTANT INFORMATION YOU NEED TO KNOW:

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Suppose your business were to encounter the illness - or worse - the death of the business owner or other key personnel. What would you do if all your business data were lost - either in electronic format or otherwise? A well thought out business continuity plan can mean the difference between your business's failure OR survival in the event of a crisis.

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