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About The Business Continuity Planning Group


Headquartered in Orlando, Florida, our company is owned and operated by experienced individuals with over eighty years-combined Business Analysis experience and consulting backgrounds. 


At The Business Continuity Planning Group, we are acutely aware of the daily demands as well as the personal pressures within today's business environment. 


Our goal is to get you implementing, not just planning. Our work is grounded in real business issues to produce tangible, bottom line outcomes. We use the context of your business to develop strategies and behaviors allowing you to continue your business in the event of a disruption. Our outstanding team has the credentials and experience to help you make your possibilities a reality.


A key element of the Business Continuity process is “Planning”, which is the process of preparing a contingency plan for situations which might occur.   It is important that management recognize that such planning can mean the difference between failure or survival.

The overall objective of a Business Continuity Plan is to minimize the effect of a disruption or emergency event on Business Operations by ensuring the continued availability of critical business functions.

Our team of professionals have been instrumental in assisting numerous companies in the following industries with the successful development of their Business Continuity process:

Telecommunications, Wholesale Grocery, Defense, State and Local Government, Financial, Banking, Healthcare


The purpose of Business Continuity Planning is to develop procedures designed to enable your business to maintain “at least a minimum level of service” to assure there will be a business to recover, in the event of an unexpected interruption.





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