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Audit and Assessment


Why Audit Business Continuity?


A Business Continuity (BC) Audit is a formalized method for evaluating how BC processes are being managed. The ultimate goal of an audit is to determine whether the plan is effective and in line with the company's objectives.


Audit results will identify areas of your BC program that are incomplete, not current, lack suitable procedures and/or documentation, or have not been tested. Satisfying the audit findings will ensure that the organization will be better prepared to respond to unplanned incidents, and should be able to mitigate the severity and long-term impact to your business.


The BC audit review will:

  • Provide management with an evaluation of how prepared your company is to respond to a business disruption

  • Identify issues that may limit your ability to continue business in the interim.

  • Provide management with an independent assessment of the effectiveness of the business. continuity plan and its alignment with subordinate continuity plans.

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