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Business Continuity Plan Development


A Business Continuity Plan is the roadmap for continuing operations under adverse conditions (i.e. interruption from natural or man-made hazards).


There are many types of Business Continuity plans that address different industries and disciplines. Our unique ability to find the appropriate fit of functional plan characteristics for the customers’ environment, then execute solutions to successful completion, sets us apart from other solution providers.


Plan Development

• Create business continuation processes.

Business continuation processes are designed so the organization maintains “at least a minimum level of service” to assure there will be a business to recover.

• Create organization recovery processes.

• Create the “Plan”.


     Business Continuity Plan (encompasses the following):

- Incident Management/Emergency Response Plan

- Recovery Plan(s)*

*How quickly the process must be functioning depends upon the criticality to the business     (this is known as the MDA - Maximum Downtime Allowable. This is determined during the Business Impact Analysis process).

• Establish a plan testing program.

• Establish a plan maintenance program.

• Establish a training program.

• Train, train, and train some more.


The overall objective of a Business Continuity Plan is to minimize the effect of a disruption or emergency event on Business Operations by ensuring the continued availability of critical business functions.


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