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Business Continuity Process

Our team of professionals will:

Perform a Risk Assessment of each of your facilities.

Perform a Business Impact Analysis (BIA) focusing on the following:

  • Work locations / number of employees

  • The identification of all critical business functions.

  • Operational resources required to perform business functions.

  • Financial, operational, and customer impacts.

We will assist you with the planning and implementation of procedures that will mitigate the impact to your business in the event of a disruption.

Business Impact Analysis

The BIA Phase defines and quantifies all the reasons you produce a Business Continuity Plan. More importantly, the more factual, understandable and informative your BIA is, the better your chances are for success.   Learn more  

Risk Assessment

The goal of the Risk Assessment process is to identify and remove a threat or reduce the level of risk by adding precautions or control measures. By doing so, you have created a safer and healthier workplace.   Learn More

Plan Development

There are many types of Business Continuity plans that address different industries and disciplines. Our unique ability to find the appropriate fit of functional plan characteristics for the customers’ environment, then execute solutions to successful completion, sets us apart from other solution providers.   Learn More

Testing and Maintenance

There are a variety of ways to test a plan. These tests do not have to be costly or interrupt the daily operation of the business. The result of the test should also be looked at not as one of pass/fail but in terms of the evolution of the plan. Finding out about weakness in a plan as the result of testing is certainly better than as a result of a real disaster.   Learn More

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