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Business Continuity Testing and Maintenance


There are a variety of ways to test a plan. These tests do not have to be costly or interrupt the daily operation of the business. The result of the test should also be looked at not as one of pass/fail, but in terms of the evolution of the plan. Finding out about weakness in a plan as the result of testing is certainly better than as a result of a real disaster.


Some testing alternatives include:


Structured walk-through.

This is where a team goes through the plans using different scenarios under the supervision of the planning team.


Component test.

In this test, each part of the overall plan may be tested independently.



In this type of test, the teams are given a scenario to follow that presents real-world cases to them. In general, this does not include actually moving to an alternate location but may include simulating utility outages as a way to see how complete a plan may be.


Disaster recovery exercise.

In this test, the plan (technical or business) is activated and the required resources are moved to backup / alternate locations.


Maintenance of a BCP is broken down into three periodic activities:

- Information update and testing

- Testing and verification of technical solutions

- Testing and verification of organization recovery procedures


Testing the plan and measuring its effectiveness is as important or perhaps more important as creating the plan.


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